Over 50 years ago, essensa was born in the heart of Provence, France with the original vision of offering an alternative to western natural therapies. Created by a midwife, the original users were pregnant women and babies. 

Today essensa encompasses a palette of unique products and treatments which draw their potency from a fusion of the traditional remedies with modern expertise. Still delicate enough for pregnant and nursing women (avoid products in brown bottles due to their high concentrations of essential oils), essensa targets issues at the root cause, far beyond the normal vision of skin care. essensa selects only the finest herbs, essential oils and botanical extracts - in the purest concentrations. Through extensive research, careful selection of ingredients, and sophisticated blending technology, essensa elevates skin care into a new generation of quality, purity and performance. 

Purity is what differentiates essensa, there are: 
- NO synthetic aroma chemicals
- NO synthetic perfumes
- NO animal testing
- NO excess packaging
- NO parabens